Mayor expects New Circle Road rebuild will be safer and help businesses

Originally published by WEKU.

Mayor Linda Gorton says safety measures will be the primary benefit from the $22 million major upgrade to a portion of New Circle Road in north Lexington.

A significant number of pedestrian and bicycle-related deaths have occurred along that stretch of New Circle. Gorton said roadway improvements are also good news for business owners along this portion of Circle Four.

“You know they deal with this kind of unsafe area now. And that has to be discouraging for some people to try to get into businesses, if they don’t think they can safely do it,” said Gorton.

The reconstruction of New Circle Road will take place between Boardwalk and Bryan Station Road. In addition to dedicated bike lanes and intersection modification, Gorton said signalization of traffic lights will be changed.

Some citizens living in the north end of Lexington have, over the years, expressed concern about not getting the attention given to south Lexington. Gorton said this project may help in that regard.

“This will change some of that and maybe balance some of that out because there will be safe places for instance for bicyclists to go. And people all over town like to bicycle, right? Asked Gorton.

The mayor said design work comes first and so it’s difficult to establish a firm timeline for completion.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.