Changes to Sunday Alcohol Sales adopted by Council

Updated 12/6/23:

The ordinance updating the permissible hours for Sunday Alcohol Sales was approved at the Council meeting on Tuesday evening December 5, 2023.

Before Thanksgiving, District 10 Councilmember Dave Sevigny put forward an ordinance to make Sunday alcohol sales less restrictive. Currently, alcohol can only be sold in restaurants and stores on Sundays between 11am and 11pm. Every other day of the week, alcohol sales are permitted between 6am and 2:30am.

Councilmember Sevigny recommended making Sunday alcohol sales hours consistent with other days of the week, citing tourism as a major factor for this change. Some Councilmembers expressed concerns about making this change for both restaurants and retail stores, particularly because of Lexington’s high rates of addiction and substance abuse. Ultimately, Council voted to adopt the new Sunday hours for restaurants only, keeping retail sales to restricted hours.

This proposal will receive its final vote this week at the Council Meeting on Thursday, November 30th at 6pm. You can attend this meeting in-person or watch live on LexTV.

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