Changes to the Environmental Commission

The EQPW Committee will also hear from the Environmental Commission on changes to their governing ordinance. The Environmental Commission stewards environmental education efforts in Lexington, while also advising Council and the Planning Commission on environmental matters.

Chairperson Grace Downey will present their recommendations to the Committee for updates to the ordinance as related to the commission and its memberships, officers and rules & procedures, and purposes.

The by-laws of the Environmental Commission have not been revised since 1989. The biggest changes are to the membership and leadership of the commission, which previously allowed up to 40 members and set specific parameters for term dates.

  • If these changes are adopted, the Commission would have up to 25 members including one Councilmember and 1-3 representatives per district, and each member would serve a two-year term that is not specifically beholden to a July 1-June 30 timeline.

You can view the presentation here.

The Environmental Quality & Public Works Committee will meet on Tuesday, December 5th at 1pm in Council Chambers. You can attend this meeting in-person or watch live on LexTV.

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