Gun Violence Task Force seeks out new community space

On Thursday, November 30th, the Gun Violence Task Force: Community Pillars convened to talk about the needs to address gun violence that are not currently being met by the City.

Members voiced frustrations about the lack of access to public resources, specifically mentioning community facilities that only operate during regular business hours. Community members and organizations struggle to find neutral, accessible, public spaces to run programs or events for their communities since most city-run spaces are closed during nights, weekends, and holidays/school breaks.

The Task Force has made a recommendation for a city-owned, community-operated facility that has expanded hours to allow a collection of organizations to run their own programs and activities to meet community needs.

The Gun Violence Task Force will combine both of its subgroups, the City Leaders and Community Pillars groups, at their next meeting to discuss all of the recommendations and goals of the group. Their next meeting will be Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 6pm at the Fayette County Courthouse. You can attend this meeting in-person.

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