Social Services & Public Safety to hear presentations on Mental Health Court and Sunday Alcohol Sales

Mental Health Diversion Court Update

In Tuesday’s regular Social Services and Public Safety (SSPS) Committee meeting, Council will hear an update from NAMI of Lexington’s Mental Health Diversion Court Program. This program provides treatment services to criminal offenders with diagnosed mental health and substance abuse issues.

  • Individuals who have gone through the program have a recidivism rate of 17.7%, as opposed to Kentucky’s overall recidivism rate of 46.6%.

  • 90% of those who enter the program have a substance abuse disorder. 59% of them have been able to maintain sobriety since completing the program.

Sunday Alcohol Sales

Also in Tuesday’s regular SSPS Committee meeting, District 10 Councilmember Dave Sevigny will present an ordinance to extend the alcohol sales hours on Sunday.

Currently, restaurants and retail businesses may only sell alcohol on Sundays between 11am and 11pm. At the request of businesses, Councilmember Sevigny is proposing that alcohol sales be the same all days of the week, with the only restriction on sales being from 2:30am to 6am.

The regular Social Services and Public Safety Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 14th at 1pm in Council Chambers. You can attend in-person or watch live on LexTV.

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