Urban Service Boundary: the 2024 Urban Growth Plan begins

Weigh in on Lexington’s Urban Service Boundary expansion!

As you likely know from this newsletter, Lexington’s Urban Service Boundary is expanding for the first time since 1996. The city hired planning firm TSW to create the long-range plan for the expansion, and TSW has contracted  CivicLex to design and conduct the public engagement strategy for it. We’re excited to bring more residents into this incredibly important process!

How can you get more engaged with Lexington’s urban growth? While there will be many more options in the new year, here’s how you can plug in now:

  1. Read about the 2024 Urban Growth Plan’s goals and process on its new website.

  2. Take this survey to help guide the plan’s direction.

  3. Join the Division of Planning, TSW, CivicLex, and other project partners at the Urban Growth Plan Kickoff on December 6 at 5pm in Greyline Station.

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