Kentuckians choosing to participate in ‘Dry January’ have other options

Originally published by WEKU.


Some Kentuckians are celebrating the first month of the new year by swearing off alcohol. It’s called Dry January, and strict observances of it could have an impact on places that make, serve or sell alcohol. Kelly Hieronymous is the marketing and creative director for the Lexington-based West Sixth Brewing Company. She said they don’t expect a huge downturn.

“You can still come to Run Club on Tuesdays and not have a beer, you can still come to trivia on Sundays and not have a beer. So I think we’ve got lots of programming and fun things to do together in our space. It’s not always centered around our delicious craft beers.”

Hieronymous said one reason they don’t expect business to fall off is the addition of new non-alcoholic drinks for folks who usually come in for a craft beer.

“We’re gonna have a grapefruit hibiscus soda water on tap, that our guys in the back are making for us. So that’ll be a fun little bubbly beverage to enjoy for the month. We also have a couple of non-alcoholic slushies, one made with fresh ginger.”

Other non-alcoholic drinks will be on the menu as well. West Sixth also has taprooms in Louisville and northern Kentucky and a farm in Frankfort reopening Saturday that Hieronymous said is a great place for a winter hike.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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