Local taxation flexibility a priority for Lexington’s mayor

Originally published by WEKU.

While much attention the next few months will be on state government activities in Frankfort, that’s not to say local government leaders won’t also have an eye on the state capital. That includes the government leader of the Commonwealth’s second-largest city.

Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton says she and her staff have discussed a few issues in preparation for the 60-day General Assembly session. One of them that’s been talked about around the Capitol Annex for years is local taxation flexibility. Gorton said many municipalities would like a menu of tax options.

“One size does not fit all and yet our revenue sources that we can have are determined by the State and they’ve been in place a long time,” said Gorton.

Gorton has expressed interest in a local sales tax that could, with voter backing, be put on for a particular project and then sunset.

Gorton said another area of interest pertains to moneys gathered through the opioid civil settlement. The mayor would like to see state funding available for cities who have developed good opioid abatement plans tied to recovery.

“For re-entry into society without an addiction to help fund that whether it’s workforce dollars, whether it’s housing dollars. Whatever it is because those are all parts of the recovery,” said Gorton.

Gorton noted it’s a long-term process for people who are recovering from opioid addiction. Gorton also would like to see state funds to help with a widening of Georgetown Road from the Scott-Fayette County line toward Lexington. The mayor added this would benefit the 200-acre Legacy Business Park as it begins to fill up.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.