Work on downtown Lexington park reveals source of water for early settlers

Originally published by WEKU.


In downtown Lexington, the new year features a new look at the creek Town Branch Park is named for. Allison Lankford is the executive director for the 11-acre project. She said the parking lot next to Rupp Arena being ripped out now reveals the creek Lexington was built on.

“When you looked down in the parking lot previously, you saw what seemed like a lot of trees or greenery coming out of the center of the parking lot. But when you peel that back, it actually was Town Branch Creek.”

Lankford said the stream bank had eroded, so workers cleared out invasive species and saved as many native trees as possible. Meantime, visitors can also see the beginnings of the amphitheater that will host about 5,000 people.

“It’ll have a tiered footprint so that wherever you are in the amphitheater, you have a good view of the stage, which is kind of in the heart of the park, or the center of the park. So they’ve completed that retaining wall.”

Lankford said construction should be finished in the summer of 2025, but they want to see how grasses planted there settle in before the expected fall opening.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.