Former Ky. AG Daniel Cameron to lead group exposing ‘woke capitalism’

Republished from WEKU.


Kentucky’s former attorney general said in a news release Wednesday that he’s excited for the new role.

“I’m honored to serve as the CEO of the 1792 Exchange, where I will continue meaningful work to put an end to the anti-American ESG agenda that threatens to take over our corporations and change the fabric of our country,” Cameron, a Republican, said.

The 1792 Exchange is a not-for-profit organization that aspires to steer U.S. companies toward “neutrality” on ideological issues.

Its mission is to protect small businesses and philanthropies from “woke corporations” that use environment, social and governance (ESG) policies “to pressure companies to comply with progressive objectives.”

Last year, the 1792 Exchange released a “Spotlight Report,” which offered an analysis of over 2,500 companies, assessing their corporate social behavior and “their likelihood to cancel customers, suppliers, or employees for their political or religious beliefs.”

Cameron said the new role aligns with his belief in preserving freedom as a Constitutional right.

“We will shine a bright light on those whose ideological agendas seek to dismantle American freedom and prosperity,” he said in the news release. “We will stop investment management firms, elected officials, and corporate interests from using other people’s money to advance their radical political agendas.”

Cameron echoed his dedication to protecting First Amendment rights and combatting ‘woke’ ideologies during his term as attorney general. Russell Coleman, also a Republican, was sworn in as Kentucky’s newest attorney general on Monday.

In May 2023, Cameron led 19 states in an open letter to urge JPMorgan Chase to stop its “discriminatory practices” he said were aimed at conservative stakeholders for their religious and political beliefs.

Cameron also secured legal victories in upholding Senate Bill 150, which prohibited gender-affirming medical care for trans youth, among other measures. In a news release from July 2023, Cameron said he would defend the bill to further protect children from “the influences of leftist activists and radical gender ideology.”

The 1792 Exchange founder, Nathan Estruth, said Cameron’s experience will be an asset to the organization.

“I simply cannot imagine a more capable and qualified chief executive to help us safeguard free exercise, free speech, and free enterprise,” he said about Cameron.

Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.