Kentucky addiction treatment network expects yearly January spike in treatment calls

Republished from WEKU.


Eastern Kentucky treatment network Addiction Recovery Care says they expect a spike in calls for treatment care as the new year begins.

Last year, the network averaged 4,800 calls per month. But last January, ARC says they saw around 1,000 more calls than usual.

Vanessa Keeton is ARC’s Vice President of Marketing. She says that spike is consistent with a yearly trend as people reach out to fulfill their new years’ resolutions.

“Oftentimes, if recovery is something that someone needs, then that would be the time of the year when they’re beginning to think about it more than what they would have earlier in the year before,” Keeton said.

The Kentucky Overdose Fatality Report saw 2,135 drug overdose deaths across the Commonwealth in 2022. That’s a five percent decrease from 2021, which saw 2,250 overdose deaths.

Keeton says any reason to enter recovery is a welcome one.

“I know so many people who have tried to get sober so many times, who’ve tried recovery so many times and maybe have fallen back into addiction,” Keeton said. “But I don’t care if you have been to treatment one time, or if you’ve never been to treatment, or if you’ve been to treatment 25 times. It’s time to go again.”

Addiction Recovery Care is able to be reached any time through their website and social media pages, or by calling or texting (606) 638-0938.

Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.