Rep. Lisa Willner and advocacy groups to hold press conference announcing menstrual equity legislation

via press release

FRANKFORT, KY—Acknowledging the financial strain caused by taxing menstrual products and understanding the repercussions on Kentucky students who lack access to these necessities, State Representative Lisa Willner’s proposed legislation marks a noteworthy stride in advancing menstrual equity. 1 in 4 Kentucky menstruators grapple with the real struggle of affording period products. Kentucky students without access to period products confront significant challenges, grappling with the distressing and often stigmatized realities of managing menstruation in educational settings, which can adversely impact their academic performance, confidence, and overall well-being.

The proposed legislation has garnered support from various advocacy groups and education advocates. Joining Representative Willner will be representatives from Period Y’all, Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, ACLU Kentucky and more.

What: Press Conference announcing State Representative Lisa Willner’s Menstrual Equity Legislation in Kentucky

Who: State Representative Lisa Willner; Skylar Davis, founder of Period Y’all; Tamarra Wieder, Kentucky State Director of Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates; Heather Ayer, Campaign Coordinator of ACLU Kentucky; and Dr. Laurie Grimes, Pediatric Psychologist.

When: 01/04/24 12:30 PM EST

Where: Kentucky Capitol Annex, 702 Capital Ave, Room 171, Frankfort, KY


Photo Credit: Kentucky Legislative Research Commission-Public Information Office-Hargis