Authorities investigating the alleged dumping of dozens of deceased dogs in McCreary County

Republished from WEKU.


State police and the U.S. Forest Service are investigating the McCreary County dumping of what one witness said are about 80 dead dogs. Melissa Gilkerson, a board member of the nonprofit Kentucky Saving Them Together, said a property owner near the site in the Daniel Boone National Forest told them about the dumpings last summer. She and another person visited a few days before Christmas.

“There was seven, plus multiple skulls, bones and a couple of bags. So I did not open the bags because you could tell from the smell, and the bags themselves that those dogs had decomposed already.”

Gilkerson said the property owner had sent trail cam photos of a pickup truck entering the area with dead dogs and leaving without them. After their first sighting, they found many more on the way back.

“We counted probably 15 or 15 to 20 bags, just as many carcasses in varying degrees of decomposition. And then bones just everywhere.”

State police did not return a call asking for information about the investigation.

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