Fayette County schools plan remote learning days to replace most snow days

Originally published by WEKU.


Fayette County Public Schools is transitioning to remote learning for snow days this winter.

Non-traditional instruction days are meant to keep students in class on days when in-person school would normally be canceled. The transition is also meant to help the school district keep its required teaching days without cutting into summer vacation.

Superintendent Demetrus Liggins said in a statement the school district considers the circumstances for each school closure to determine whether a traditional cancellation or an instructional day is needed.

“If there are widespread power outages throughout our county or if it’s an ideal day for sledding, we understand that expecting students and teachers to engage in non-traditional instruction may not be appropriate,” Liggins said. “Yet, NTI will always be under consideration, and when feasible, it remains our preferred choice.”

As of Wednesday, Accuweather says one to two inches of snow are expected in central Kentucky , with slight snowfall also forecasted the following Wednesday.

Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.