McCreary County judge-executive says number of dead dogs dumped lower than claimed

Republished from WEKU.


The judge-executive of the southern Kentucky county where dead dogs were found dumped in the Daniel Boone National Forest said he’s talked to state police about the investigation. McCreary Judge-Executive Jimmie Greene said he also spoke with the owner of the Animal Protection League of McCreary County, which runs the county’s animal shelter.

“My understanding is, the dogs are all, the number of dogs were just a couple of dogs, several dogs and not the exaggerated numbers that you might have seen on Facebook, but they were euthanized properly.”

Wednesday, a board member of an animal rescue group that visited the Daniel Boone National Forest a few days before Christmas told WEKU News they spotted the remains of around 80 dead dogs. Greene said believes that number is far lower, and that overall, shelter operators are doing a good job.

“They’ve worked real hard at it, you know, they really worked very hard, it’s hard to find help to help, you know, with the kennels, but they have made a real conscious effort to work hard with it, and do whatever they can and, and reach out to these animal rescue groups.”

Greene said if the investigation proves a large number of dogs were dumped illegally, he’d have to consider finding another person or group to run the county shelter.

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