Two eastern Kentucky lawmakers weigh in on legislative priorities

Republished from WEKU.


As lawmakers from across the Commonwealth gather in Frankfort for the opening week of the 2024 General Assembly session, they all have key issues reflected in their districts.

Ashley Tackett Laferty, a Democrat, represents Floyd and part of Pike County. Tackett Laferty, in the House since 2019, said boards of education are big employers and so the governor’s proposed 11% pay hike for those in public education is important. Making sure all coal severance tax monies return to coal counties is another priority. And while new juvenile justice detention centers are proposed for central and western Kentucky, Tackett Laferty said her district also needs one of those facilities.

“If you talk to a lot of people in my caucus from Louisville and Lexington they say where we’re failing is these kids need programs to keep them in line for when they can return into society as well,” said Tackett Laferty.

The Martin rep said infrastructure improvements tied to flood recovery include water, internet, and road projects.

Chris Fugate, a Republican, represents Breathitt, Owsley, and Perry Counties. He said housing for flood victims in his section of the state remains a top priority.

“Most people are doing really good, some are still struggling. So, that’s the greatest need and our county governments still recovering from that need funding, from the EK Safe Fund. Like to see more funding put in there for those counties affected drastically by the flood,” said Fugate.

Regarding broadband, Fugate noted grants are helping with wiring in Breathitt County. The Chavies lawmaker added high-speed internet support was a focus during the last two state budget cycles and will continue to be so.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.