Read the RFP for Lexington’s “Millionaire’s Park,” AKA Kelley’s Landing

LEXINGTON, KY — Against the backdrop of an estimated 700 homeless children in Lexington, the Bluegrass Community Foundation’s “Fund for a Greater Lexington” (FGL) has released a $150,000 Request for Proposal it says will provide transformative change in Lexington. The RFP aims to establish a Master Plan for Lexington’s newest park, Kelley’s Landing.

Critics argue that the project’s extensive financial and resource demands might be excessive given Lexington’s immediate needs, such as addressing housing affordability, improving public transportation, and enhancing social services. They argue the park will only be accessible to the rich, and have pejoratively dubbed it “Millionaire’s Park,” a reference to the wealthy individuals the project will benefit.

The FGL’s advisory board is made up of influential business actors including VisitLex president Mary Quinn-Ramer and former Mayoral candidate and Urban County Councilmember David Kloiber. The Fund is co-chaired by Headley Butler, formerly of the controversial AppHarvest startup and Noa Gimelli, a Consultant with World Bank Group, among other prominent business figures.

Public funds will also be utilized for the park and for the Master Plan. Estimates for the total taxpayer cost burden of the park have been as high as $500,000, an amount that could provide housing for approximately 50 homeless children for one year if utilized differently.

Interested in applying? You can read or download the RFP below.