New Report Offers Analysis of the Cicero Institute’s 2023 Kentucky Homelessness Poll

via press release

Lexington, KY – Paul Oliva Consulting LLC, a firm specializing in data analysis and economic research, today announced the release of a comprehensive report that critically examines the Cicero Institute’s 2023 poll on homelessness in Kentucky. Authored by Paul Oliva, a Fayette County-based software engineer with a background in economics, the report provides an in-depth analysis of the methodology and implications of the poll’s findings.

The report titled, “Decoding the Cicero Institute’s 2023 Kentucky Homelessness Poll,” delves into the nuanced aspects of the poll’s methodology, highlighting potential biases and flaws that may affect the representativeness and accuracy of its results. It also explores how the framing of questions in the poll might influence public opinion on homelessness, a pressing social issue in Kentucky.

“By framing its questions in a way that elicited fear, rather than compassion, the poll appears to have misrepresented the true nature of homelessness in our state,” said Oliva. “For example, not once in any of its seventeen questions did the survey reference Kentucky’s growing number of homeless children, a situation which has been described as a crisis.”

The report not only critiques the methodology but also emphasizes the need for a comprehensive and compassionate approach to address homelessness, advocating for increased funding and structured support over punitive measures.

“This report aims to provide a more nuanced understanding of public perceptions of homelessness in Kentucky,” Oliva said. “It is crucial that we approach such complex social issues with a balanced perspective, considering the potential impact of how data is collected and presented.”

The report is a response to growing concerns about homelessness in Kentucky, particularly in light of recent discussions around policy measures such as bans on street camping. Through this analysis, Paul Oliva Consulting LLC hopes to contribute to informed policy-making that aligns with both public sentiment and effective social intervention strategies.

The report “Decoding the Cicero Institute’s 2023 Kentucky Homelessness Poll” is available for public access here and can be a valuable resource for policymakers, social workers, and anyone interested in understanding the multifaceted issue of homelessness in Kentucky.

Disclosure: Paul Oliva Consulting LLC is the publisher of The Lexington Times.