Rogers’ opponent criticizes congressman for lack of health information after auto wreck

Republished from WEKU.


One of Congressman Hal Rogers’ opponents in the May primary said the longtime 5th District representative should be more forthcoming about his health. Rogers was hospitalized after a January 10th auto accident in the D.C. area. Dana Edwards is a surgeon based in Clay County who’s running against Rogers.

“Sometimes that means updating something that may be personal, but if it affects leadership in Congress, then that personal information needs to be shared. People need to know is your leader still able to be a leader right now?”

According to a statement on Rogers’ website posted two days after the wreck, the attending physician of the capitol said Rogers, who’s 86, was in good condition. Through the following Wednesday afternoon, his office didn’t provide any updates. Asked if he’d pledge to be more forthcoming, Edwards said, “Absolutely.”

“When you decide to run and hopefully be elected to this kind of position, you have to make that personal decision before you ever enter the ring. That your personal life will now become public, to some extent, and you owe that to the people who put you in office.”

David Kraftchak Jr. and Brandon Monhollen, both of London, are the two other Republicans in the race. No Democrats met the filing deadline.

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