Lexington leaders discuss weekend severe winter weather plans

Originally published by WEKU.


Another dose of winter weather will keep much of Kentucky cold and snowy over the weekend. In Lexington, the mayor and public safety heads held a news conference in City Hall Thursday to discuss preparations and offer advice on how to stay safe. Mayor Linda Gorton said everyone can help.

“Stay off the roads when you can limit your time outside. If you have to go out, wear extra layers, stay warm. It’s important that we look out for one another. Be ready to lend a helping hand.”

Emergency Management Director Rob Larkin said the Emergency Operations Center will help coordinate efforts with the city’s public safety and other partners. He and others asked people to stay home if possible, and to dress warmly and allow extra time if they have to travel. Commissioner of Housing Advocacy and Community Development Charlie Lanter said Hope Village, a new homeless shelter for adults, will likely get busier this weekend.

“Before all this weather came, it had been running like 160. But this week, we’re seeing numbers in the two hundreds. So we’re definitely taking care of more folks in this weather. And we are able to make adjustments at the facility to make sure we’re able to meet those needs.”

Lanter said the Community Action Council and Bluegrass Care Navigators work with the city to help families and those with disabilities access the city’s homeless shelters. He said people who need information – or help getting to a shelter – can call 311.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.