With another weekend of winter weather ahead, Lexington vet offers pet safety tips

Republished from WEKU.


Another cold snap’s on the way this weekend and the sub-freezing temperatures pose a threat to people – and pets. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends keeping them inside on very cold days. For those that must spend time outdoors, Dr. Lee Godman, the owner of Locust Trace Veterinary Clinic in Lexington, said rapid temperature changes can be dangerous.

“If they are never outside, and they’re always indoors, and that’s a big change, you don’t want those rapid changes. So it can be a shock to them if they haven’t been outside at all. But if they’re used to this or getting acclimated, it’s just like us, it’s a shock to our system. You just want to limit their exposure as much as possible.”

Godman said it’s important to consider a pets’ age, health and weight before letting them out.

“If they’re well fed, if they’ve got good body condition, there’s where our body condition scores were like, look, it gives us an idea, it gives them a little bit of a cushion. And so some of that fat pad that you know, maybe as humans we get too worried about it does have a role, it does have a purpose.”

Godman said pets kept outside need to be able to stay dry, out of the wind and have access to water – which can freeze multiple times a day when it’s very cold.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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