Freezing temperatures predicted for central Kentucky over the weekend

Republished from WEKU.


Forecasts from the National Weather Service say temperatures in central Kentucky could drop to single digits this weekend.

That includes a predicted wind chill of negative seven to negative 12 degrees Saturday morning.

Chris Whelan is a representative of utility company LG&E and KU. She says it’s important to keep emergency kits and medicine cabinets stocked in case of outages. An isolated outage in southeast Lexington knocked out power for more than 5,000 customers last Wednesday.

“Just having those backups, whether it’s a brick to charge your phone, or a battery operated radio, all those different items are really helpful in the event there is an outage,” Whelan said.

In case utility bills are a concern, Whelan says to keep an eye on the thermostat to make sure it’s not turned up too high. The utility also recommends covering up leaky doors or windows and uncovering blinds during the day to let warmer air in.

““Even just putting a draft stopper or rolled up towel by a leaky door to help keep out the extra cold air, that’s a great tip,” Whelan said.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.