Kentucky State road crews taking stock after a winter blitz last week

Republished from WEKU.


Kentuckians are working this week to get back to somewhat normal weather conditions after bitter cold times last week. Crews with the State Transportation Department are taking a breath.

The combination of snow and ice and temperatures around zero make for difficult removal operations. As State Transportation Spokeswoman Naitore Djigbenou said you can’t plow ice. But, with the help of salt and a calcium chloride addictive in some cases, Djigbenou said a new plow created a wide path.

“These are plows that have a width of about 27 feet, so they can clear multiple lanes with one pass,” said Djigbenou.

Djigbenou said Kentucky has two such plows, one of the first DOT’s to have the equipment. The transportation official added workers are taking stock of supplies.

 “The benefit of having a break in precipitation is it gives our districts a chance to take inventory on our supplies, so those that need to salt, to just bulk up our current inventory, are doing so,” said Djigbenou.

 Djigbenou said it’s also a time to fine-tune any snow removal equipment that needs maintenance. She noted it’s important to keep in mind salt trucks will proceed at a slower pace.

District crews share information across the state to offer suggestions for the next snow event, maybe over the next month or so.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.