Lexington council committee passes ‘source of income’ ordinance

Originally published by WEKU.


The Lexington City Council’s Social Services and Public Safety Committee Tuesday approved an ordinance backers say would prevent housing discrimination based on source of income. During the debate, co-author, Councilmember Dave Sevigny explained why he thought the ordinance should take effect March 1st, saying he’d wanted to pass it in November.

“I listened to this body in general who did not want to do that. And and, to me, another day of injustice isn’t necessarily an acceptable choice.”

A successful amendment offered by Councilmember Whitney Baxter removed home sales from the “source of income” ordinance. This would leave owners of rental properties with a mandate to consider all sources of legal income, including housing vouchers. Meanwhile, two Republican bills in the General Assembly would prohibit such local legislation, and Councilmember Chuck Ellinger suggested the committee wait.

“I believe in home rule, where the local government should make the decisions. But it’s very evident that there will be some changes going on in the House, in the Senate, on this issue in Frankfort. And I think it’s in our best interest if we see what happens in Frankfort.”

The vote on the motion was a tie, and failed. A few minutes later, the ordinance passed 7 to 3, and proceeds to the full council for consideration and a possible vote.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.