Rep. Adrielle Camuel (D-Lexington) made exactly one campaign promise, and she has broken it.

In a State House campaign most memorable for its moral squishiness, lack of substance, and reliance on her supposed ties to Democratic power players, Camuel made only a single campaign promise: to “file or cosponsor legislation on Day One to repeal S.B. 150,” an omnibus anti-LGBT law condemned at the time as one of the worst in the country.

That bill segregated trans students from public restrooms, made it illegal for parents to obtain healthcare for trans kids, and put teachers at risk of being fired if they discuss gay or trans people at all.

She made that promise in September only after she was forced to apologize for making the transphobic statement that there were “extremes on both sides” of S.B. 150. Not only did she refuse to clarify that statement for a month — she condemned queer people who disagreed, including me, as “bullies.”

Only when she realized there were more Democratic votes in supporting LGBT people than in condemning us did she apologize for her hateful comments.

As a social worker and an openly trans man, I regularly work with trans and queer kids in foster care who believe that absolutely no one has their back. They have experienced violence, homelessness, and family rejection because of who they are. Most of them have a hard time believing they have a future.

Last year, I signed onto a statement condemning Camuel because these kids mean the world to me. I worried about putting myself out there in such a public way, but I knew it was just as important that trans youth see me fighting for them against a transphobic Democrat as it was when they saw me fighting for them in Frankfort. And I was incredibly proud when she took back her hateful words and promised to fight for us.

In hindsight, that makes it all the more disheartening that she has broken her campaign promise. Not only did Camuel not file the bill on Day One, Day Two, or Day Three of this legislative session—we are well past Week One without so much as a peep about it.

It shows disrespect for the way trans people have to live in this state. It shows disrespect for respected gay leaders like Jim Gray and Ernesto Scorsone, who stuck their necks out by endorsing Camuel in part to reassure anxious LGBT Lexingtonians.

But it also shows disrespect for the voters of the 93rd House District. Camuel doesn’t care about Kentuckians. She doesn’t care about fighting for those who need it most. And she doesn’t care about the truth.

Adrielle Camuel only cares about saying whatever she thinks people want to hear so that she can get elected.

If you can’t trust her on her first day, you can’t trust her to serve you in office. Sooner or later, she’ll betray you, too.

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Logan Raney is a social worker in Lexington. This commentary piece is republished with Logan's permission.