State Reps. Sarah Stalker and Adrielle Camuel file bill to repeal SB 150, protect trans community

Photo: Left to right: Rep. Adrielle Camuel (D-Lexington); Rep. Sarah Stalker (D-Louisville) (Official photos)

via press release

FRANKFORT – Citing the considerable harm that the trans community has endured since 2023’s passage of Senate Bill 150, state Representatives Sarah Stalker and Adrielle Camuel filed legislation today to repeal the law entirely and provide a more caring LGBTQ environment in schools.

“I am filing this repeal for Fischer Wells and for every other young trans person in Kentucky, including those who are unable to tell others who they really are,” said Rep. Stalker of Louisville, the bill’s primary sponsor.  “No child should have to advocate for not only their basic rights but their very identity.  Furthermore, a law that strips children’s healthcare decisions from parents, trusted family doctors, and mental health professionals represents a gross overreach from state government.”

“We are filing this bill to confirm our commitment to LGBTQ causes and to ensure equal rights for all Kentuckians, and I have been proud to work with my legislative colleagues from the moment I took office two months ago, as well as retired Judge Ernesto Scorsone, ACLU of Kentucky and advocates from the Trans Parent Lex advisory team, which includes Jennifer Sumeracki, Cooper Howard and Tuesday Meadows,” said state Representative Camuel of Lexington.  “Our singular goal is to eliminate laws that perpetuate harm and hinder the progress of citizens based on their identity and relationships. We are dedicated and unified in an effort to promote equality and justice for everyone.”

Last year’s Senate Bill 150 has been billed as the nation’s most stringent anti-trans legislation.  House Bill 376 would repeal that law’s healthcare provisions entirely (as shown in the bill’s last three lines), while calling on schools, in Rep. Stalker’s words, “to fully recognize their trans students for who they are.”

Her and Rep. Camuel’s bill will be considered during the current legislative session, which ends April 15th.