Switch from AVIS to KAVIS leading to long lines at Kentucky county clerks’ offices

Originally published by WEKU.


County Clerks’ offices across Kentucky are experiencing delays, thanks to a switch from a computer system begun in the late 1970s. The change is causing headaches for customers and employees. Susan Lamb is the Fayette County clerk.

“We have consistently had 50 to 70 people in our renewal line all day long from eight until we stop allowing people to come in, because up until about yesterday, it was taking us about an hour and a half to be able to process 50 to 70 people.”

Statewide, clerks’ offices shut down December 29 for at least 10 days to begin the transfer of 350 million auto records from the Automated Vehicle Information System, known as AVIS, to KAVIS – which has the word “Kentucky” added. Lamb said the new system is better, but there’ve been lots of growing pains for lots of people.

“It’s the dealers, it’s the transfers, its new cars being registered, it’s renewals. It’s anything to do with any motor vehicle.”

Lamb urged customers who have birthdays from January through March to renew their registration online or by mail. She said people with December birthdays are being given extra time to take care of business.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.