New Lexington minor league baseball team owners promise ‘legendary’ team nickname

Originally published by WEKU.

Goodbye, Counter Clocks. Hello … well, original team founder and new chairman emeritus Alan Stein has a clue or two.

“We’ll have a big announcement at the Red Mile, a Fan Fest, on February the 15th to announce the new name, the brand, the uniforms, the logo, the mascot etc. I can tell you that we think the public is going to be happy with the result. And if you may be driving around town the next few days, we’re putting some billboards up with a moustache and the words, “It will be legendary.”

That would seem to be a reference to mustachioed former mascot Big L, which stands for Legends, which was the name of the team when it began play in 2001. Stein says he started talking to the people who’d become the new owners of the team last summer, 11 years after he stepped away from the Legends and during the first and last season of the Counter Clocks.

“I recognized that we needed an ownership group to help recreate what we used to have, with experience and, better capitalized, candidly. And so the club became available. We hooked up with a couple of folks who were interested in buying the club.”

The new owner is Temerity Baseball, which owns two minor league baseball teams in North Carolina. Stein, who’s 72, also has a stake. He says investments will improve the ballpark experience, from replacing non-working lights to adding ushers, and that he’ll be there often – in part due to the advice of a family member.

“One of my sons said, ‘Go do something.’ So yeah, okay. ‘Well, I guess I mean, it’ll be part of your inheritance, but okay. I’m gonna spend a little of your money here. But yeah, we’ll do that.’”

Stein says he believes the team, which has been independent since 2020, will regain major league affiliation in the next few years. Meantime, he says, big name acts will return to the stadium on North Broadway, and he’ll be there as ambassador, investor and, you might say, a Lexington Legend.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.