At-home blood thinner testing the focus of Frankfort legislation

Republished from WEKU.

The Kentucky House is reviewing legislation standardizing Medicaid coverage for at-home medical testing for patients on blood thinners. The measure is sponsored by Richmond GOP Representative Deanna Frazier Gordon and won committee approval last week. Frazier Gordon said some patients on anticoagulants face lab and provider barriers.

“The results are transmitted to the lab to the physician where it’s read and that way adjustments can be made, if necessary. But, it’s just cost savings and time savings measure,” said Frazier Gordon.

The Richmond lawmaker noted four of the six Medicaid managed care organizations already have the codes for testing. Frazier Gordon added the bill makes it standard for state health plans.

Frazier Gordon said this type of monitoring can help by allowing for the implementation of more permanent heart valves.

“It will hopefully save people from having repeated surgeries in life too. So, not only the cost savings for the testing and the equipment but also cost savings for hopefully surgeries that are avoided.”

Frazier Gordon said transportation to labs for blood thinner-related testing can be an issue as well as the time away from work. The bill emerged from committee last week and is before the full House.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.