Kentucky Agricultural Development Board approves more than $2 million for rural development projects

Republished from WEKU.

Money approved by the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board will help support rural businesses across the state. The awards total up to $2,130,880.

Some of the larger awards are going towards construction projects funded by both the state and each project’s respective county.

A $250,000 loan will go to Chaney’s Dairy Barn in Bowling Green for an expansion of its current facility, and $7,554 in Carroll County funds is going towards The Farmstand to create a storefront for local homegrown products.

$500,000 dollars will also go to the University of Kentucky’s Agricultural Leadership Program.

“The Kentucky Agricultural Development Board’s attention to a diverse set of projects and programs sets a high standard for Kentucky’s agricultural future,” Commissioner of Agriculture Jonathan Shell said in a release.

Some agricultural programs will also be getting a share of the money.

That includes $11,250 towards the state’s Food Safety and Efficiency Incentives program, which will fund food safety consultation in Hardin, Jefferson and Metcalf counties.

A total of $1,298,035 will go towards the state’s County Agricultural Investment program, which helps diversify farm operations. Counties awarded the funding include Bracken, Breckinridge, Cumberland, Daviess, Garrard, Fayette and Simpson.

Garrard County will also get $2,500 in funding from the Deceased Farm Animal Removal Program, Daviess and Jackson counties will get $25,541 from the Shared-Use Equipment Program and Bracken, Carroll and Kenton counties will receive $36,000 from the Youth Agricultural Incentives Program.

Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.