Kentucky Lawmakers told improvements are being seen in the new vehicle information system KAVIS

Republished from WEKU.

The statewide county-by-county transformation of vehicle registration data has brought with it some challenges. The move to the Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System or KAVIS was the fourth attempt of modernizing the 45-year-old former AVIS.

Speaking before a legislative committee in Frankfort Tuesday, State Transportation Cabinet I-T Director Heather Stout said it was a big change.

“Arguably this is the largest modernization in the state’s history. Let me say that one more time….the largest technology modernization in the state’s history…impacts every single vehicle owner and I’m sure many of you own more than one vehicle,” said Stout.

The House Transportation Committee also heard from Kentucky County Clerks Association President Tabatha Clemons. She said the situation at clerks’ offices around the Commonwealth is improving. But both Clemons and Stout said don’t expect lines to go away completely.

Clemons said March is typically the busiest month and renewals were mailed out early this year.

“Not only are we seeing the folks that we didn’t see the first few weeks of January or those who have bought cars at the end of the year and need to transfer them, now we’re seeing February and March’s renewals on top of it, which has created even more lines,” said Clemons.

Clemons said many county clerks are asking residents to wait until it’s their month for clerks to process their transactions. Clerks are asking customers to bring in their photo ID, insurance cards, and vehicle registration.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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