Council to hear update on “poo” smell that plagues portions of Lexington, Kentucky

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council’s Environmental Quality & Public Works Committee will hear an update Tuesday on the ongoing sewage smell that is plaguing the Tates Creek Road area near the West Hickman Wastewater Treatment Plant and Leestown Road area near the Town Branch Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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A significant portion of the presentation is dedicated to reviewing the existing odor control measures. It assesses the effectiveness of current strategies, such as the deployment of chemical feed systems and air scrubbers, aimed at minimizing odor emissions from key points within the sewer network. The document also provides a candid evaluation of the challenges faced in 2023, including a notable increase in public odor complaints. This section elaborates on the responsive measures taken by the division, including the installation of advanced monitoring equipment, intensified sewer system maintenance, and the strategic use of chemical treatments to manage odors more effectively.

The plan proposes a series of forward-looking actions designed to address the identified challenges. These include infrastructure enhancements, such as the redesign and construction of key components within the sewer system, to improve odor control. It also suggests optimizing the use of chemical treatments and continuing investigations into the sewer system’s operations to identify and mitigate potential odor sources.