Kentucky pharmacists seek lowering the age restriction for drug store vaccinations

Republished from WEKU.

Expansion of childhood vaccinations at Kentucky pharmacies would occur under legislation before state lawmakers. It would signal a permanent change for a policy used previously during the COVID pandemic emergency.

The measure paves the way for pharmacists to administer vaccines to children age 5 and older. Currently, that starting age is nine. Brooke Hudspeth is president of the Kentucky Pharmacists Association. She said it’s not needed to prevent one particular disease.

“We aren’t excluding any particular vaccines or particularly promoting any vaccines. We’re really just looking at all vaccines that are recommended to help protect our children,” said Hudspeth.

The bill initially called for a move to three years olds. Hudspeth says it was amended in committee to age 5 upon the request of the Kentucky Medical Association.

“And the reason for that was to help ensure that our children weren’t missing out on a very critical well-child visit that they do at age four. So, kind of around the age of four and five and that way they didn’t omit that,” said Hudspeth.

With that said, Hudspeth said pharmacists also play a role in reminding parents of the need for those well-child doctor visits.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.