Democratic state senator says her pro-labor bills have a chance in GOP-dominated Kentucky General Assembly

Republished from WEKU.

A Democratic state lawmaker has filed two bills that would erase what supporters call “anti-union” laws. Senator Cassie Chambers Armstrong of Louisville says both focus on workers’ rights and would strengthen the middle class.

“One of them repeals the 2017 Right to Work law. That law was basically an attack on unions and really their power, their ability to organize effectively, their ability to do work on behalf of the people they represent.”

That’s Senate Bill 184. Senate Bill 185 would bring back a prevailing wage law, which requires workers on public construction projects receive pay and benefits established by the state.

“I’ve had some promising conversations with Republicans who do support organized labor and believe that that is how we build the middle class that we thrive when our unions thrive.”

Armstrong said we’re in a moment when more workers are organizing and there’s a resurgence in public support for unions. She said if these bills don’t move this session, it’s still important that the issues they raise are kept in front of Kentuckians.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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