KY HB164

Amend KRS 16.601, 61.621, and 78.5534 to increase minimum line of duty death benefits to a non-spouse beneficiary of a Kentucky Employees Retirement System, County Employees Retirement System, or State Police Retirement System member who was working in an approved hazardous duty position or in a position that could be approved as hazardous duty for retirement purposes; specify the minimum payment to the non-spouse beneficiary shall only be payable if there is no surviving spouse beneficiary and shall be a minimum of a lump-sum payment equal to 36 months of the member’s monthly rate of pay; provide that the non-spouse beneficiary may elect the minimum lump-sum payment or any other benefits the non-spouse beneficiary is eligible to receive upon the member’s death, but not both.

2024/02/07 to State Government (H)