KY HB439

Amend KRS 241.010 to make a technical correction; amend KRS 241.060 and 243.540 to allow the Alcoholic Beverage Control board to dispose of alcoholic beverages through public auction; promulgate administrative regulations to establish auction procedures; donate all auction proceeds to the alcohol wellness and responsibility education fund; amend KRS 243.030 to create a $300 annual vintage distilled spirits license fee; amend KRS 243.110 to authorize the holder of a primary license to also hold a vintage distilled spirits license; amend KRS 243.232 to restructure vintage distilled spirits licenses and sales; allow a licensee who may sell distilled spirits by the drink or package to receive a vintage distilled spirits license as a supplementary license; require vintage distilled spirits licensees to file a monthly report with the department giving details about sellers and purchase types, dates, and quantities; require all purchases to be in-person at the licensed premises; direct the licensee to conspicuously label the purchase as vintage distilled spirits; limit a licensee to 24 vintage distilled spirits packages purchased from each seller every 12 months; limit the seller to 24 packages total every 12 months; amend KRS 243.360 to give an applicant the option to advertise intent to apply for a license on the department’s website or in another manner to be determined by the department and to exempt a vintage distilled spirits license applicant from the public notice advertising requirement; amend KRS 243.990 to establish penalties for vintage distilled spirits sellers who exceed the maximum package limit; amend KRS 211.285 to rename the “malt beverage education fund” as the “alcohol wellness and responsibility education fund”; add proceeds from Alcoholic Beverage Control Board distilled spirit auctions to the fund; issue moneys from the fund to the Alcohol Wellness and Responsibility Education Corporation; require the corporation’s board of directors to include as voting members all duly elected statewide constitutional officers, the secretary of the Public Protection Cabinet, the ABC commissioner, and representatives of the malt beverage and distilled spirits industries; add the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House as nonvoting members; authorize the corporation to accept grant applications from Kentucky high schools, colleges and universities, and other entities that promote alcohol responsibility; increase Project Graduation grants to $1,000 annually.

2024/02/08 2nd reading, to Rules