Leaders from two different political parties agree on pace in the Kentucky Senate

Republished from WEKU.

The Republican and Democratic leaders in the Kentucky Senate are offering generally positive comments about the legislative pace so far. Both admit there’s likely to be more heavier orders of the day as the session draws to a close later this spring.

The midway point of the 2024 General Assembly session is less than a week away. In the Senate, there have been days in February with one or no bills on the daily orders. Majority Floor Leader, Republican Damon Thayer said that’s partly due to passage of GOP priority measures previously and fewer big issues. Thayer predicts that will change later this month when the deadline for filing new bills looms.

“I have a feeling there’s going to be a big stack of bills that we haven’t seen yet that are gonna come flying out of the bill drafter’s office and onto the Clerk’s desk,” said Thayer.

Senate Caucus Chair, Democrat Reggie Thomas gives his chamber a good mark so far with a good pace which allows the public to digest bills. The Lexington Senator said he’s doesn’t anticipate bills being rushed from committee to the floor.

“I think we’re going to deliberate bills in the same manner as we’ve done up to this point this session, but if there are changes I will speak out against that,” said Thomas.

The last day to file a bill in the Kentucky Senate is February 28th, while it’s the 26th in the House. The 2024 General Assembly session is scheduled to end in mid-April.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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