KY HB444

Amend KRS 227A.060 to modify experience and education requirements for an electrician or master electrician license; require an electrician applicant or master electrician applicant to have 8,000 hours or 16,000 hours of verifiable experience, respectively, which may be reduced by designated education or teaching; authorize a master electrician or electrician applicant to qualify for licensure through teaching or attending an associate’s degree or diploma program at a college within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System or at another accredited college or university; enable a military veteran to meet master electrician or electrician experience requirements through applicable supervised military occupational specialty experience; direct the department of Housing, Buildings and Construction to promulgate administrative regulations to establish an application form to allow submission of military experience; accept either a DD-214 form or a signed statement from the applicant’s commanding officer to verify relevant military experience; amend KRS 227A.100 to renew electrician licenses once every two years; allow a licensee to request either a physical or electronic license.

2024/02/09 to Licensing, Occupations, & Administrative Regulations (H)