Fayette Alliance to unveil Lexington land use and housing research on March 5

LEXINGTON, Ky.–The Fayette Alliance, a horse industry and agricultural advocacy nonprofit, announced Wednesday the upcoming release of three pivotal research studies on March 5, 2024. These studies, aimed at addressing the critical issues of land use, development, and housing growth, promise to offer invaluable insights for shaping the future of the community. The findings will be presented during a special event at the Central Library Branch’s Farish Theatre.

The commissioned research encompasses a Public Opinion Survey on Land Use and Development, GrowSmart: Land Use Analysis and Recommendations, and the Lexington-Fayette County Housing Growth Analysis. Together, these studies provide a multifaceted view of the community’s growth trends, public sentiments towards development, and the urgent need for strategic land-use planning to meet future housing demands.

The Public Opinion Survey on Land Use and Development, conducted in partnership with The Matrix Group, engaged 2,000 Lexington-Fayette residents to capture their perspectives on growth and expansion within the community. The survey’s findings reveal a clear preference for new housing developments within existing neighborhoods and along major corridors, a skepticism towards developer-driven infrastructure planning, and a strong inclination towards preserving the historic Urban Services Boundary against expansion.

GrowSmart, crafted by the urban planning firm Lord Aeck Sargent, builds upon previous efforts to guide the Comprehensive Plan and address the proposed expansion of the Urban Services Boundary (USB). This comprehensive analysis sheds light on the available land within the USB, current zoning, and the annual land consumption rate for development. It emphasizes the importance of efficient land use and proposes innovative strategies for infill and redevelopment, aiming to support economic growth while preserving community character.

(Fayette Alliance)

The Lexington-Fayette County Housing Growth Analysis confronts the projected population boom, expected to surpass 380,000 by 2045, by examining current market demands, identifying gaps in housing supply, and suggesting the types of housing necessary to accommodate future growth. The analysis points towards a significant shift in housing production towards higher-density options like townhomes, duplexes, and condominiums to meet workforce affordability and mitigate urban sprawl.

The upcoming event, “Mapped: Analyzing Land and Housing Trends in Lexington,” will feature presentations from Stan Harvey of Lord Aeck Sargent and Geoff Koski of KB Advisory Group, providing a deep dive into the research findings and their implications for Lexington’s development. This initiative by the Fayette Alliance underscores the community’s commitment to informed, equitable, and sustainable growth, setting a precedent for urban development efforts nationwide. Register for the event here.