Lexington launches “Lex Grow Trees” campaign to enhance urban tree canopy

Lexington, KY – In an enthusiastic gathering Wednesday afternoon, Lexington’s Third District Council Member, Hannah LeGris, alongside local environmental groups, unveiled the new Lex Grow Trees campaign, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revitalizing the urban tree canopy across Fayette County. This announcement marks a significant step forward in the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement in green projects.

The Lex Grow Trees initiative emerges from a collaborative effort that began over a year ago, with a committee co-chaired by a representative from Geomancer Permaculture and Council Member LeGris. The committee has been instrumental in directing $1.5 million in city funds for tree canopy support. This funding is dedicated to enhancing Lexington’s green infrastructure through tree planting and urban forestry projects.

The campaign’s website, www.lexgrowtrees.com, serves as the hub for information and applications for grants aimed at tree planting and environmental education endeavors throughout Fayette County. With a focus on empowering smaller organizations and those with innovative visions for sustainable urban development, Lex Grow Trees is poised to make a lasting impact on Lexington’s landscape and its residents’ quality of life.

The initiative is supported by a wide array of local government bodies, nonprofits, and environmental organizations, indicating a strong community-wide push towards greener living spaces. Notably, the Tree Canopy Ad Hoc Committee, comprised of diverse stakeholders including city officials, community members, and representatives from various environmental groups, has been a key player in shaping the campaign’s direction and funding priorities.

The Lex Grow Trees campaign is not just about planting trees but fostering a deeper community connection with the environment. The initiative’s goals are ambitious yet vital: to significantly improve the health and scale of Lexington’s tree canopy, increase resident involvement in tree conservation, shift cultural perceptions about the importance of trees, address equity in access to green spaces, and promote policies for the preservation of existing tree cover.

With the strategic planning session held in August 2022, the committee laid out a comprehensive roadmap for utilizing the allocated funds effectively. This plan is supported by the latest data from the 2022 update to Lexington’s Urban Tree Canopy Study, offering insights into the most critical areas for intervention and outlining specific planting strategies to meet canopy goals.

As the Lex Grow Trees campaign kicks off, it stands as a testament to Lexington’s commitment to a greener future, highlighting the city’s proactive approach to environmental conservation, community involvement, and the pursuit of equity in access to nature’s benefits. This initiative not only aims to beautify the city but also to strengthen the communal bonds through shared efforts in nurturing and expanding Lexington’s urban forest.

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