Kentucky manufacturers make their case in Frankfort

Republished from WEKU.

Various industries are hoping their voices are being heard at the State Capitol. The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers sponsored an advocacy event last week in Frankfort. KAM President Frank Jemley said the Commonwealth has a vibrant manufacturing sector, but still potential to grow more.

Tax reform is often mentioned as a way to further the state’s economy. Jemley doesn’t see big tax changes in the cards during the current legislative session.

“It does not seem to be tax reform..doesn’t seem to be a key focus of this session and we are comfortable with that because workforce really needs to be the key focus,” said Jemley.

A lot of attention currently centers on automotive manufacturing including the construction of electric vehicle battery plants. In addition to the state’s well-known aerospace industry, Jemley said Kentucky is well placed in pharmaceutical and chemical sectors plus agricultural manufacturing.

And while attracting new companies is important, it’s not the only key to furthering the state’s economy.

“There is tremendous opportunity across a lot of sectors that are already here in Kentucky and we think have tremendous potential to get bigger and create more jobs,” said Jemley.

Jemley added investments in transportation proposed in the current General Assembly session are fundamental to grow the manufacturing supply chain.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.