For a second time, the Kentucky Senate acts on rental payment measure

Republished from WEKU.

Legislation to prohibit local governments from enacting bans on source of income discrimination regarding rentals continues to move through the Kentucky General Assembly.

Versions of the bill have passed both chambers of the legislature. Twice in the Senate after Tuesday’s 25 to 11 vote with five Republicans opposing the GOP-sponsored legislation. The merged measure pertains to all federal housing assistance, not just section eight. Proponents argue landlords shouldn’t be forced to take vouchers. On adjournment, Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer said it’s a philosophical issue for him.

“It’s their decision. It’s their property. It’s not the City of Lexington’s property. It’s property that they have built or purchased with the sweat of their brow of their own efforts,” said Thayer.

Opponents argued the bill amounts to discrimination against the poor, veterans, and those with disabilities if they’re restricted on voucher use.

Louisville Democratic Senator Cassie Chambers Armstrong argued a ban on source of income discrimination doesn’t mean rent needs to change.

“Landlords are not required to prioritize someone with a voucher. They’re not required to lower their rents below the publicly advertised amount. They’re allowed to collect a reasonable security deposit. And they can terminate a tenancy for any legal reason.”

Thayer said what’s happening in Lexington is discrimination against the free market and the men and women who are in the business of being landlords and renting property. The Lexington City Council passed a ban on source of income discrimination for rentals last week. It’s set to go into effect in March. State legislative action could make Lexington’s law null and void.

 The bill heads back to the House for final consideration.

Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.