Madison County Board of Adjustments tables conditional use permit request for proposed new distillery

Originally published by WEKU.

A bid to build a craft distillery and rickhouses to store the whiskey it produces in Madison County was put on hold last Thursday night. After a public hearing, the Board of Adjustments voted unanimously to table the request for a conditional use permit. Several residents who live near the 300-acre site voiced concerns about whiskey fungus, including Stephen Bennett:

“This whiskey fungus is the real deal in terms of a concern for property owners, coats, it can coat everything really trees, plants, your garden plants, as well as affecting property values.”

A lawyer and others employed by Karl Cook, who bought the land near the Kentucky River last fall, said the grains would be grown, distilled and aged on site, using solar power. The land is in Magistrate Steve Lochmueller’s district; he’s a supporter and said the county needs the revenue.

“Madison County has got so much potential, but it’s so behind so many other counties in the state and especially from a revenue perspective, we cannot keep the services up at the level that the constituents expect, based upon taxes on households.”

Further discussions between all parties are planned and the BOA could vote on the conditional use request next month.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.