EKU continuing its case in Frankfort to launch an osteopathic medicine doctoral program

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Eastern Kentucky University has made its pitch for Senate support for the Richmond school to pursue establishing an osteopathy program. During a Senate hearing, EKU President David McFaddin said osteopathic medicine could link with other current health services programs at Eastern.

“I think that you start to be able to create a clinical experiential experience on campus where all of a sudden we have an attending physician, a nursing student, a mental health professional, a dietician all working around a clinical setting and learning how to take care of a patient who has all of those needs,” said McFaddin.

When asked about state funding, McFaddin said escrowed money would be needed early on and then returned to the state’s general fund. Once operating, the Eastern President said it would be expected to be self-sustaining. The legislation only gives authority to pursue the offering. Members of the Senate Education Committee took no action last week. Committee Chair Steve West said that’s not unusual.

“We’re in the middle of budget negotiations and a lot of talk back and forth between the House and Senate and different members and I think the thought is let’s get one last piece of information and solidify our decision or not solidify our decision and so that’s kind of where we are,” said West.

While expressing support for the bill, House Speaker Pro Tem and Bill Sponsor David Meade said establishing the osteopathy program could help meet a major need for more doctors to locate and stay in rural Kentucky. David McFaddin said with each physician coming into the state’s economy, it carries a $2 million impact. The Eastern president told committee members Kentucky ranks 40th nationally in primary care doctors.

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Originally published by WEKU.

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