Subcommittee Continues Work on Community Public Input Meetings


This Thursday, the Public Input Subcommittee will meet to continue discussion of potential public input events outside of Council Chambers. In the Subcommittee’s January meeting, our Executive Director Richard Young pitched two ideas for what public input meetings outside of City Hall could look like:

1.) Issue Expos: An Issue Expo could be used for input about one specific item or issue being considered in City Hall. Based on CivicLex’s recent successful Civic Expos in high schools across the city, this type of event could consist of Councilmembers and LFUCG Divisions and Departments that engage with the item/issue tabling for a set amount of time at an accessible venue.

2.) Committee Previews: Based on our upcoming Civic Breakfast and our past On the Table events, this type of event could consist of a Council Committee hosting a two-part event where the Committee presents the topics coming up over the next quarter or 6 months, and then has facilitated On the Table-style conversations about the topics.

The Public Input Subcommittee will meet Thursday, February 29th at 10am in the Government Center’s 5th Floor Conference Room. You can attend in-person.

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