Teacher Red Tape Reduction Bill pending in the Kentucky House

Republished from WEKU.

Kentucky legislators are being asked to explore ways to reduce paperwork requirements for teachers. It comes in the form of a resolution before lawmakers.

The House concurrent resolution seeks to establish the Teacher Red Tape Reduction Task Force. Somerset GOP Representative Shane Baker said it’s not about one particular teacher task. Baker said, over time, obligations and mandates add up.

“The goal will be to allow them to teacher more and focus on what they are really there to accomplish. I think we’ll have better outcomes. I think we’ll have happier teachers who are more satisfied in their jobs,” said Baker.

Kentucky Education Association President Eddie Campbell said he hears from teachers all the time about this issue. The KEA leader said some requirements, not necessary today, have been left as a teacher responsibility. Campbell is supportive of the concept.

“What’s duplicative. What kind of paperwork. How the workload has shifted. There’s been a big change in workload in education over the last 30 years. So, I think this is a really good opportunity to look at all the things that educators are asked to do every day,” said Campbell.

Student testing is a traditional topic of conversation. Campbell said there is diagnostic testing and there’s a need to review and see if too much testing is happening. GOP Bill Sponsor Shane Baker said teachers just want to be free to teach.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.