Kentuckians to commemorate 60th anniversary of Civil Rights march in Frankfort

Republished from WEKU.

March 5th marks the 60th anniversary of an event known as the March on Frankfort. 60 years ago Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Junior, along with Kentucky State Senator Georgia Davis Powers and baseball legend Jackie Robinson led 10-thousand people on a March to Kentucky’s capital.

Tuesday in Frankfort, Kentuckians are being asked to come to the capital to reenact the historic march. Governor Andy Beshear said this was an important part of Kentucky’s history.

“This was a historic event for civil rights that happened right here in Kentucky six decades ago. More than 10,000 gathered to march here in our capital city for a day of music and speeches, all focused on freedom.”

Governor Beshear said this led to a major moment for the United States.

“This march was part of making an incredible difference, Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King Junior, and ultimately leading to the legislature passing and Ned Breathitt signing the first civil rights act in the south.”

The Kentucky Civil Rights Act was the first desegregation law passed by a southern state.  Events will kick off at 9 AM with Focus on Race Relations Frankfort kicking things off at the Capital City Museum.

The march up Capital Avenue will begin at 10:45 AM. Several attendees will speak on the Capitol steps at noon, including some who attended the original march.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.