Kentucky Senate budget expected to be unveiled over the next week

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Prior to the start of the current 2024 session of the Kentucky General Assembly, many legislative leaders spoke of passing a new two-year budget as the priority. It’s getting to a point where final decisions will be made.

More than a month ago the Kentucky House put its stamp on a $129 billion two-year spending plan. Senate leaders have been working behind closed doors with the hope of putting their budget on the floor this week. Senate Budget Committee Chair Chris McDaniel said there are some relatively small, localized decisions to make.

“And some of those are big decisions about funding for k-12 education or post-secondary education or justice policy and things so we continue to wrestle with and work our way through those,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel noted this is the first time during his budget work to not be focusing on cuts and pension funding issues. He added working with a surplus does provide opportunities.

“And this is the first one where we’re really realizing a lot of surpluses. I think you will see us take advantage of that opportunity to make strategic investments setting Kentucky up for the next hundred years that I’m excited for people to begin to see,” said McDaniel

..Still save some money? Asked Weku’s Stu Johnson

 ..Absolutely,” said McDaniel.

McDaniel doesn’t look for significant differences in the Senate and House state budgets. Any differences will be worked out in conference committee work. The last day prior to the two-day week veto period is March 28th.

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