Council’s Statement on the Israel-Palestine Conflict


In last Thursday’s Council Meeting, Vice Mayor Dan Wu read a statement signed by the majority of Councilmembers regarding the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine. The statement called for the release of all hostages held, for Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, and for an end to violence in the region. The statement has not been published online yet, but you can watch Vice Mayor Wu’s reading of it here.

This comes after months of advocacy from Lexington for Palestine, which has attended the majority of Council meetings since last fall calling for Council to pass a ceasefire resolution. A formal resolution would need to be added to the docket on voted on by the full Council. In public comment after Vice Mayor Wu read the statement, several speakers with Lexington for Palestine said they saw the statement as a good first step but will continue to advocate for an official resolution.

District 11 Councilmember Jennifer Reynolds and District 6 Councilmember Denise Gray have both made individual statements calling for a ceasefire.

District 7 Councilmember Preston Worley shared remarks saying he did not sign the statement, not because of his stance on the conflict itself, but because he does not believe that Council should comment on issues outside of Council’s jurisdiction. We do not know as of this writing if any other Councilmembers declined to sign the statement.

Shortly after the statement was read, the Kentucky Jewish Council denounced the statement. You can read their stance on Council’s statement here.

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