Officials say regulations around Kentucky’s medical cannabis program are taking shape

Republished from WEKU.

State officials say progress is being made in establishing the regulations for Kentuckians to use medical cannabis. The program builds technical capabilities and a regulatory framework ahead of the full implementation of Senate Bill 47, which was signed last year and goes into effect January first, 2025.

Sam Flynn is the executive director of the Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program. During a press conference, he explained how Kentuckians will be able to sign up.  

“By obtaining a written certification from an authorized medical practitioner and completing an online application through the program’s online portal which will go live on that date.”  

He said people will be able to access digital versions of their cards.  

“It contains several important safety features and security features to prevent counterfeiting and diversion of medicinal cannabis. The features include a QR code for law enforcement, it can verify the validity of a card if necessary as well as a barcode for dispensaries to scan along with the card.”  

Flynn said a second form of government issued identification would be needed at dispensaries.

He said additional documentation would be required for designated caregivers, minor patients and visiting patients. These regulations will also set the application and renewal fee Kentuckians would need to pay. That fee would be set at twenty-five dollars.

Find out more about the updated program here.

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Originally published by WEKU.

Republished with permission.